How to Choose a Builder . . .

After you have made the decision to build a new home, the next step is to determine your home builder. There are basically three types of building companies.




This builder typically builds hundreds if not thousands of homes a year. They are usually spread across several states. They have a certain number of floor plans and finishes you can choose from. Their workers are sub-contractors. The builder’s employees are supervisors. They typically build on their own developed lots. They push for volume. You deal with many different personnel during the process.



This builder is similar to the production builder however on a smaller scale. They are usually good at building homes that follow their normal procedures. They will usually allow a limited amount of changes. They may or may not build on lots they do not own. They can not accommodate changes too far from their usual scope. They commonly operate in several states.


Customer Home Builders are ones who build a unique home for a specific client on a particular home site. They typically build a small number of homes a year – that allows for personal service. They provide a design service and have a selection center. Flexibility is the key in design, location, style and size. They generally employ craftsman who perform a large portion of the work themselves.
There are companies and individuals who fall in between the above mentioned categories for small markets or companies trying to adapt to the economy. They generally have limitations in whatever level they are participating in. Whatever style of builder you choose, they must fit YOUR needs and personality.
Ask yourself these questions . . . .
  • How long have they been in business? Then drive by previous projects.
  • Have they built projects in a similar scope as mine? Quality? Ask to review their portfolio.
  • What level of service are you seeking? Who will you be dealing with?
  • Have they built in your desired area before?
  • What type of support staff do they have? Employees, subcontractors, suppliers?
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